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    Why to invest in Pune real estate

    Why to invest in Pune real estate 1

    Pune is a favorite destination for real estate investors for several reasons. Even international investors have started discovering the hidden potentials of this city. The city has an ideal location, and real estate investors can choose Pune without a second thought.

    The accessibility to major cities, urban luxuries, and ongoing developments in infrastructure are some of the reasons why you should invest in Pune real estate.

    The flourishing IT sector, multiple industrial parks teeming with MNCs, and educational opportunities make the city an excellent choice on counts.

    All the amenities are available close to major residential areas. The city has attracted international attention for a number of high-end real estate projects such as the World Trade Centre. In view of all these strong points, the Pune real estate sector is expected to offer high ROI.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Pune real estate sector:


    Super Connectivity

    A crucial factor to be considered when investing in the real estate industry is the ease of accessibility. Pune is accessible from all the major cities in India. The rich network of roads, both state and the national highways, contribute to this.

    · National Highway 48 links Pune to Mumbai and Bangalore

    · National Highway 60 links to Nashik

    · National Highway 65 links to Hyderabad

    · State Highway 27 joins this city to Ahmedabad

    The rail network is another mode of transport that improves its connectivity across India. The Pune Suburban Railways connect it with neighboring suburbs. The Pune Railway Station connects it with other junctions of the central railway. You also have daily Express trains that connect it with major cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

    The Pune International airport is another draw that allows international visitors to come to the city. It also runs domestic flights to major cities of India. Two other airports are also under development, namely the ChhatrapatiSambhaji Airport and a Greenfield Airport.


    Strong Economy

    The economy of Pune is one of the best in India. It is ranked 5th among the metropolitan economies. In terms of per capita income, it ranks 6th in India. Moreover, Pune accounts for 13% of Maharashtra’s GDP.

    Even though the pandemic has left the Indian economy in recession, Pune seems to be little affected by this. Not just the sales, but even the launch rates have improved dramatically. This trend is attributed to the state government reducing the stamp duties and the low housing loan interest rates. All these factors make Pune an attractive real estate market that is all set to deliver higher RoI.


    Job Opportunities

    With the booming IT and industrial sectors, Pune offers job opportunities for thousands. Kharadi, the IT hub of the city, houses several small and large companies. There is a vibrant startup scene that spikes job opportunities in the city.

    Pune has a flourishing industrial sector, especially in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Talegaon, Bhosari, and Chakan. Amongst these places, Pimpri-Chinchwad, with plenty of manufacturing units, has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Leading international industries have a formidable presence in Pune. The city has the highest number of German companies in India. Its location in the DMIC has also led to a hike in industrial activities.

    The automobile industry in Pune has seen significant growth over the last few years. Indian automobile industries such as Tata Motors and Bajaj Group, international companies such as Fiat and Volkswagen have established their manufacturing units here. Following this, there has been a surge in investments in this sector.

    The blooming education sector has also opened various opportunities for a lot of people.


    Educational Opportunities

    Known as the Oxford of the East, Pune has a significantly large number of educational institutes. Thousands of students come to this city every year for higher education. It houses many famous institutes such as the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economy, the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, and Abasaheb Garware College of Science. The reasonable cost of education and metropolitan outlook make this a favorite place for students.

    Areas that have a large number of educational institutes are an advantage to the realtors. Such areas show higher appreciation over time. People generally opt for locations close to basic amenities such as schools, universities, and hospitals.


    Healthcare Facilities

    The healthcare infrastructure of Pune is one of the best in India. This city has around 3.5 hospital beds per 1000 people. This ratio is exceptionally more than the nation's average distribution of hospital beds, which is 0.5 beds per 1000 people.

    Pune has three government hospitals, namely, Sassoon Hospital, Budhrani Hospital, and Dr. Ambedkar Hospital. The city has several private hospitals also such as the Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, and Ranka Hospital.

    Traditional medical care such as Ayurveda, Unani, and Homoeopathy is also widely prevalent in Pune.


    Recreational Facilities 

    Pune has several gardens and parks that offer a scenic landscape. Chhatrapati Sambhajiraje Garden is a famous garden in Shivajinagar with an aquarium of freshwater fishes. This garden has plenty of trees on either side of the walking and jogging trails that provide the much-needed shade. The Osho Teerth Park in Koregaon Park Road is known for its beautiful streams of water and walking trails. Thus, Pune is an ideal destination for those looking forward to escaping from the stresses of daily life. Here, you get a rare chance to connect with nature.

    There are several other parks in this city as well. A few of them are the Vetal Hill Trails, Empress Botanical Garden, Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden, and Pataleshwar Caves.


    Concluding Thoughts 

    Is it worth investing in Pune real estate? If you are still doubtful, then this is for you. The standards of living in Pune are high, thanks to the availability of all essential amenities. The city has gained the second position in the ease of living index of 2020, after Bangalore. With more green space available in urban areas of this city compared to other cities, the quality of life is better here. The modern outlook, and affordable cost of living compared to other metropolitan cities, is what makes this city stand out. As Pune is undergoing tremendous development, any real estate investment can give you remarkable returns in the future. 



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