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    SKYi WILDWOODS by SKYi Developers in Pune Annex


    by SKYi Developers

    Pune Annex

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      150 Acres

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      January, 1970


    A weekend retreat, lazy Sunday afternoons. Changing the world, never felt so good.

    Sprawled across 150 acres of hill and forested lands, it is a project with a unique purpose. It seeks to go beyond the mundane realities of real estate to an inspired vision of creating a wooded reserve. Wildwoods seeks to conserve, restore and replenish the bio-diversity of the rich ecosystem that surrounds it. Built for the ecologically conscious, the nature-loving, and those who wish to find a space off the beaten track, it offers homes that will exist in aesthetic and functional harmony with their surroundings.

    The sweep of a hill, the filigree of sunlight laced through the woods, songbirds in a Sunday medley and you. Welcome to a beautiful way of life. Wildwoods invites you to find a home, made in nature amidst the Sahyadri mountains in the Western Ghats. A home in Wildwoods, promises to be wooded, eco-friendly haven. It offers you an earthy and unique retreat that's close to the city, but magically far away from its stresses.

    Project Highlights

    Give your home a signature style and woods to surround it.



    Create a vast open space, or rambling garden to surround a cozy villa.


    Create an airy bungalow surrounded by greenery.


    Configuration of your choice: From a studio to a cottage, make your vision a reality.

    Here are two of the infinite possibilities for your Wildwoods home:

    MOON GARDEN: With four bedrooms, designer bathrooms, courtyards, decks, and an open-air shower, the Moon Garden Villa offers a stately home that’s perfect for chasing the muse and butterflies.

    DAYDREAM: With two/ three bedrooms, designer bathrooms, an open-air shower, a courtyard, and a deck, Day Dream Villas offer a cozy getaway while away many memorable weekends.

    Location Advantages

    For a long time, several buyers in Pune have desired to live in the city core. With the saturation of key city neighbourhoods in the city and the introduction of new lifestyles, Pune's outskirts have taken centre stage. More and more business executives and residents are embracing the life of the city's less congested fringes.

    Pune's real estate development tends to focus on the city's central regions. However, because of a shortage of space and saturation, developers and investors alike are looking for other options. Real Estate Properties near Pune have emerged as the most feasible real estate investment opportunity. 

    For such outlying areas, real estate developers opt for an improved city planning blueprint that includes greenery, open spaces, civic infrastructure, and broad highways. This means that such regions are not at risk of becoming clones of the inner metropolis. According to experts, houses in Pune's suburbs provide a considerably healthier and more satisfying lifestyle that fits the growing ambitions of the city's residents.

    According to market reports, the residential & commercial properties near Pune would see a price hike very soon in the near future. Residential units in such places feature superbly built modular kitchens and rooms, cutting-edge designer apartments, and unrivalled connection.

    Such locations have emerged as viable investment targets due to their proximity to the city's core neighbourhoods and easy access to the Mumbai-Pune Highway. The suburbs of Pune feature a wealth of excellent homes for a potential investor. As these places expand and grow, the scope of a number of residential and commercial projects is projected to expand dramatically in the coming years.

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    Locally-sourced materials ensure a smaller carbon footprint as materials do not need to be sourced and shipped from distant locations.

    Rubble Stone Masonry has been used to reduce waste, utilize existing materials, and allow groundwater to seep back into the soil. We do not use concretized floors do not allow groundwater reserves to be replenished by rain.

    Burnt Bricks ensure aesthetic facades that do not require expensive and ecologically unsound refurbishment.

    Natural and reclaimed materials: Materials such as stone, wood windows, and Shahbad tile not only create a charming aesthetic effect but also ensure that you do not need to maintain your house’s temperature artificially. The natural breathable materials retain heat during winters and ensure coolness during summers.

    Blend and Build: Nature-friendly materials, have been thoughtfully put together to create sustainable and beautiful structures, that sit in harmony with their surroundings.

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